Brittany Murphy checking in to The White Hotel

254596.jpgSomeone else on the hunt for an Oscar. Sin City star Brittany Murphy is in talks to star in the drama The White Hotel. The movie will be an adaptation of a D.M. Thomas novel that follows an opera singer (Murphy) who becomes Sigmund Freud's most famous case study in post-World War I Vienna. Freud delves deep into Murphy's unconscious which includes horrible memories of her past and premonitions of the future, which include the Holocaust. The White Hotel is written and directed by relative newcomer Simon Monjack and should begin shooting sometime in the Spring. I've been searching round the net for information on the novel published in 1981 and I've been struck by the amount of really positive reviews the book has recieved. A lot of people are saying that although the book has a shaky start, it really comes together in the middle portion and is difficult to put down. Could be interesting then, I will keep you informed on this one. source - the hollywood reporter, coming soon
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