Broken Sword: The Movie

shadow-of-the-templars-01.jpgI use to love playing Broken Sword on my old PC and Mega Drive (I think?). It was like playing through an Indiana Jones adventure. You had to work out all the puzzles in the typical point and click fashion which at times became extremely frustrating but so very addictive. One thing I always liked about the game was that the animation style was reminiscent of classic Disney movies (although in real life settings). The story, characters and even the musical score were all highly cinematic and you really did feel like you were part of the adventure. So I'm all for this news. Coming Soon are reporting that a Broken Sword movie is in the works at CastleBright Productions who are teaming with the game creator Charles Cecil and his Revolution Software. It's hoped that they can milk a franchise out this thing, with a couple of different movies based on each individual game already released. The first being The Shadow of the Templars which followed the adventures of two guys who are hunting down a killer who has left cryptic clues behind which relate to The Knights Templar. The tale takes place in Paris, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Syria. I wonder if a certain Dan Brown played this game before writing his Da Vinci Code? They are very similar in terms of storytelling and tone. Apparently there was a new game in the series released last year called Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death which sold well and sparked an interest in making a movie from this franchise. I may have to purchase that game, I use to love Broken Sword. This could really work quite well but I kinda wish it was done before The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure because comparisons are bound to be made, and the over-saturation of these "puzzle adventure movies" (NT 2, Angels & Demons, Indy IV) might do this franchise more harm than good. On the other hand of course, these films have never been so popular... so ya never know.
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