Bryan Singer Could Direct Fantastic Four 2?

Likely to be an X-Men cross-over.

How the heck did Chronicle turn out so well? Max Landis had never had a script produced before, and Josh Trank had never directed a feature, but it ended up being awesome! Except afterwards the former was revealed to be a bit of a narcissistic douche (you've seen his YouTube channel right), and the latter was fired from one of the Star Wars spin-offs for being difficult to work with. It was the found-footage teen superhero that got Trank the job directing the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, which was a smart call on the part of Fox. He can do awesome comic book action and teen drama, both of which the last FF movie summarily failed at. But his prickly relationship with the Star Wars folk might mean he's benched for the reboot's sequel. Who the heck could replace him?

Well, maybe Bryan Singer, the guy who single-handedly returned the X-Men movie franchise from utter tripe to crowning achievement with Days Of Future Past. Even that was kind of a surprise, since Singer's post X-films (Superman Returns and Hitler assassination caper Valkyrie) were sort of naff. Apparently him + Fox + comic book movie is just a magic formula. Fox are said to be luring Singer to direct the Fantastic Four sequel once he has finished X-Men: Apocalypse, likely as the two franchises are about to collide with their own mini-universe shrinking cross-over movie of their own. Singer directing that would be the best-case scenario. Is Bryan Singer directing Fantastic Four something you want to see? Or should Trank get a second chance?


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