Bryan Singer Has His GIANT KILLER Shortlist

The folks over at Heat Vision have managed to get their hands on the casting shortlist for Bryan Singers fantasy movie Jack the Giant Killer and it contains a few familiar faces and some rising stars, including no less than 5 British actors up for lead roles. The story concerns a long-standing peace between men and giants, and a young farmer who leads an expedition into the giants' kingdom in hopes of rescuing a kidnapped princess. This is Singer's first film since 2008€™s underwhelming Tom Cruise Hitler assassination thriller Valkyrie and he will be directing from a script rewritten by his Usual Suspects collaborator Christopher McQuarrie. New Line and Legendary will be hoping to test all of the following in London in the next two weeks. Up for the lead part of the farmer are, unsurprisingly, several actors who have connections to the Bryan Singer produced X-Men: First Class, which you may remember this Spring he was searching for talent for both films at the same time. They are; Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, A Single Man, Clash of the Titans) soon to be seen as Beast, Aaron Johnson of Nowhere Boy and Kick-Ass fame and who earlier in the year was also rumoured to be involved to be Cyclops, then we have newcomer Aneurin Barnard less well known but who is soon to be seen upcoming medieval actioner, Ironclad. And rounding out the list of prospective male leads is Jamie Campbell Bower, who recently appeared in Twilight Saga: New Moon, and the new Colin Farrell/Keira Knightley gangster flick, London Boulevard. Though reports now say he's broke he's leg, so he's out. So how about the girls for the damsel-in-distress princess role? We have Australian Adelaide Kane, former Neighbours cast member and Power Rangers tv series veteran. Up Next is Lily Collins who was recently seen with Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and has next years sci fi actioner Priest to come. Last but not least is another Brit, Juno Temple, whose recent credits include Atonement, Greenberg, and soon to be seen in Paul W.S. Anderson€™s Three Musketeers movie. Production begins in March, and the actors are being asked to commit to the rest of 2011, some eight or nine months for the special effects heavy production. Personally I€™m hoping that this will mark a return to form for the director. After the colossal let down of Superman Returns and the mediocre at best Valkyrie he really needs hit this one out of the park.
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