Bryan Singer rebooting BATTLESTAR GALACTICA for the big screen, STAR TREK-esque style???

battlestar-galactica-fullAccording to Hitfix, Bryan Singer is close to bringing a new reboot of the Battlestar Galactica franchise to the big screen - Universal's attempt to catch the Star Trek wave which this year saw a forgotten cult series become a surprising mainstream box office phenomenon for the first time in it's forty year history. Can lightning strike twice here? It's expected Singer will work closely with the 1978-1979 series creator Glen Larson who was hired in February to develop a Galactica film which had no ties to any previous cannon. So that would seem to be the state of play here, Singer will reboot the franchise J.J. Abrams style (though without a time travel continuity explanation) and cast a whole new load of fresh faced young actors and make a BIG movie which will appeal to a mass audience. We should at this point mention that... once upon a time before Ronald D. Moore created what many sci-fi nerds believe to be the greatest space opera show since the original Kirk, Spock and flimsy 60's sets with his version of Battlestar Galatica, Bryan Singer - then hot off the heels of creating a big screen X-Men movie, had written a pilot himself for a new show, to act as a sequel to the 60's franchise. Then, three months away from shooting - September 11th happened. Project was canned, as the Sci-Fi channel didn't like the idea of the terrorist Cyclon attack that would feature. Concept art of the Cyclons I have added below... So Singer's desire to work on Battlestar is long standing. Sadly I no ZERO about this franchise except vaguely my memory of the Dirk Benedict show, so I'm not the best to cast an opinion on this - except, a big budget Bryan Singer space opera sounds damn exciting to me.
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