Bryan Singer splits from Logan's Run

logans_run.jpgI think we have probably seen this coming for a while now. Bryan Singer at one time seemed desperate to remake the 70's classic Logan's Run but for whatever reason he kept choosing to shoot other projects. The news from IESB today is that producer Joel Silver have found a new director for the remake as Singer has left the project. Joe Kosinski is the new man but very little is known about him apart from that he directed some cut scenes for the video games Halo 3 and Gears of War. Travis Beacham and Jayson Rothwell are the new writers on the project. Logan's Run is tremendous fun to watch on a Sunday afternoon when it's raining outside and you can stay warm indoors with some cult sci-fi campness. If you haven't seen it I can't recommend it highly enough especially for those of you who think The Island is a good movie. Giving this movie to a debut director seems like they either have very high hopes for this rookie, or they have very little hope for the potential of their remake. If it's the latter, then why bother remaking it in the first place?
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