BULLITT & KRUL Director Peter Yates Has Died, Aged 82

Four time Oscar nominated British director Peter Yates, who in the 60's directed the seminal cop thriller Bullitt starring Steve McQueen with that extraordinary car chase sequence has passed in London away after a 'long illness', according to Deadline. He was 82. If I were to poll myself on my favourite films of the 60's, Bullitt would make the top 5. Easy. It was one of the first movies I bought on Blu-ray (along with The Getaway) and if you enjoyed Ben Affleck'sThe Town this year, I think you would find a lot to admire about the film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRvESyo-E5M In a varied career after Bullitt, Yates would go on to make the 1977 Jaws-rip off horror/thriller The Deep, the 1979 sports drama Breaking Away, the 1983 Oscar-nominated drama The Dresser and in the same year, of all things, the fantasy/cult movie Krull! Of course I shouldn't forget to mention the Robert Redford caper The Hot Rock of 1972 which is also worth your time.
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