ooooh, I like this. It's the new poster for Burn After Reading, that ensemble caper comedy from the guys who did that little movie you might have seen last year No Country For Old Men which opens in September.

As /Film quite rightly point out, it's a homage to a different era of movie posters... most explicitly to the works of Saul Bass who was a frequent Alfred Hitchcock collaborator. He created some of the most iconic images in film, such as the posters for Vertigo and Anatomy of a Murder. The new poster adds to the trailer atmosphere of this being the cinematic cousins of the best light hearted efforts of both Hitchcock and Wilder. As if your going to forget but the plot goes something like this. John Malkovich is a former CIA agent whose soon to be divorced wife Tilda Swinton steals a CD of his memoirs revealing some top secret€ secrets. Bradd Pitt and Frances McDormand are two Gym Employee€™s who attempt to steal the CD which lead the C.I.A. to send George Clooney to clean up the mess. You can see the brilliant red band trailer HERE. source - cinematical
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