Burton's best film since SLEEPY HOLLOW would have done me!!!

I'm such a Tim Burton mark but folks I will tell ya, it's been way too long until I've actually come out of a Burton film feeling the way I use to after watching ED WOOD, his BATMAN movies, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and the like. He's flirted with me with his CV, with projects that totally reach out to my liking (PLANET OF THE APES, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY) and actors I admire and stories I adore. He knows what I like, decides to adapt or remake it and promises that he will deliver the goods to me in the theatre but sadly I've walked away disappointed.


SWEENEY TODD is a fable I've long since enjoyed and wanted to see adapted in a big way on screen. The material just seems like perfect Burton fodder but sadly my reaction to the the clips I've seen at this point have made the film look severely disjointed and odd looking. However, the early word is it's pretty damn awesome...
SWEENEY TODD is Tim Burton's best film since ED WOOD... Harry Knowles, AICN I couldn't believe it...a Tim Burton film that reverses the decline! Call me a changed man. Call Burton a changed man. Sweeney Todd is his best film since...Beetlejuice? - Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere Sweeney Todd is the best pic of 2007...Tim O'Neil, The Envelope By grafting his distinctive visual style and storytelling technique to a bolt-solid musical, he has transformed both the art and the artist. This is a new Sweeney Todd. His best movie since Ed Wood, and the best movie musical since Little Shop Of Horrors...Tophertilson, AICN
There's a couple more reviews like that if you go hunting across the web. For whatever reason there is this weird embargo on critics who have seen the film as they aren't actually allowed to review the film in depth but they are allowed to speak about the film in general terms. One thing that keeps cropping up is how violent the film is but also how they expect it to be a bit hit and miss with audiences. Those who may not be a fan of musicals might just hate this film outright and it will never stand a chance with them but those who enjoy it, will probably love it. Oscar noms, critical plaudits and words like Tim Burton's best film since ED WOOD. Or was it BEETLEJUICE? Hell, his best film since SLEEPY HOLLOW would have made me a happy man.

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