But Of Course Nic Cage Thinks He'd Make A PERFECT Joker...

He thinks he'd make a perfect everything...


Nic Cage has a pretty well-charted track record with thinking he would make great comic book movie characters. He famously wanted to play Constantine, Superman and Iron Man (among others) and he was pretty close to appearing in at least Superman Lives, Spider-Man and Batman Unchained.

Had things gone differently, we could have been looking at something of a Cage-Monopoly in the genre, so it's not at all bad that it didn't all come off.

And now, the actor who famously says yes to a lot of movies that he probably shouldn't has revealed one other comic book movie role he thinks he'd be perfect for: The Joker. He spoke to JoBlo about his comic book movie track record and was asked about any characters he'd like to play:


I mean, I think my comic book days are kind of… I’m on to other things, but I always thought I’d make a great Joker and I always thought that I would’ve been a good villain in one of the Marvel [movies] like Doctor Doom. But, Doctor Doom you have to wear that mask, but I thought the story leading up to Doctor Doom could’ve been interesting. At this point if I was to go back into the format it would probably have to be as a villain.

He's not wrong about the villain thing, nor that he'd actually make a fairly good villain. If he was to channel some of his more manic performances and the disquietening still of others, there'd definitely be something there. And he knows full well what he'd bring to the role:


It would be the perfect one for me to go even more off the rails than I’ve ever done before and, y’know, it’d be fun.

Anyone who has seen most of his recent performances will be shocked at the idea that he thinks he can go "even more off the rails," but anything's possible these days. Just look at what Jared Leto did for Suicide Squad...


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