Californication's Addison Timlin In Talks To Replace Lily Collins in ODD THOMAS?

Mere days after Lily Collins was offered the female lead in an adaptation of Dean Koontz€™s Odd Thomas and the actress has been ruled out of starring due to her commitments to a live action version of Snow White. She has had to turn down the firm offer to take the bigger paycheck. Her replacement seems to be shaping up to be Addison Timlin, the young American television actress known primarily for her part as Sasha Bingham in Californication, who has now entered talks to portray Stormy Llewellyn. Previously linked with the female lead role include Emma Roberts, Kat Dennings and Portia Doubleday (Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son). Anton Yelchin leads as the eponymous short-order cook whose clairvoyance leads him to a dark and dangerous stranger. Meanwhile Bloody Disgusting, who initially broke the Lily Collins story last month, say Tim Robbins is circling a role. The film€™s director is Stephen Sommers, making a return to the big screen after two years of industry sanctioned exile for the contemptibly bad GI Joe: Rise Of the Cobra, which submitted to the standard distributor€™s tactic for sub-standard films- refusing to run press screenings. Never the less, the man is back to adapt one of the prolific American author€™s most celebrated novels. It is also worth noting that there are three sequels to Odd Thomas, so if the film is successful, a franchise may well develop, and almost certainly will if current industry practises continue.
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