Cameron Crowe's Aloha Trailer Hits Starring Emma Stone & Bradley Cooper

"You had me at Aloha". As soon as Cameron Crowe's new film was renamed from Deep Tiki to Aloha, I knew we'd be seeing a lot of "You had me at Aloha jokes." A quick search of Twitter says I was right. Personally... well, it took a little longer than just hearing the title, but this trailer did get me onside before anybody had even opened their mouth to speak. And then when they did, they started sounding like Cameron Crowe characters and I knew I was going to get right back into that Say Anything-Jerry Maguire-Singles feeling. For a younger audience today, Crowe probably means next to nothing, but this film has both Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, and they should be enough to get some interest. Back when this was going to star Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon - the project is that old - there was a sort of AI, a cursed volcano, strange rituals and all sorts of other oddball ideas. None of them seem to be present in this trailer, but I wonder if that not's just a marketing decision and, actually, Aloha is as wild, unpredictable as off-centre as I've been hearing for years. We'll find out when the film rolls out this spring. Aloha is set for a US release on May 29th, with a UK date yet to be scheduled.

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