Can You Guess The Movie From Its Bad CGI?

The horror, the horror.


As we're all well aware, CGI is a tool that can either make or break a movie - on one end of the spectrum it's given us absurdly lifelike digital creations such as the MCU's Thanos (Josh Brolin), and on the other, Superman's (Henry Cavill) dodgy lower-jaw in Justice League.

Bad CGI doesn't really discriminate that much among budgets, and you'll find it in everything from SyFy schlock to supposedly "polished" $200 million tentpoles.

And so, it's time to see just how firmly those awful CGI moments lodged themselves in your brain.

But because it's too obvious to pick infamous VFX disasters like The Mummy Returns, X-Men Origins: Wolverine or even Black Panther, this quiz will skew a little sneakier than that.

Have you repressed these legendarily terrible CGI misfires, or can a single image jog your memory in a traumatic instant?

As for why New Line Cinema is featured so much on this list? Only New Line Cinema can explain that one.

Answers are at the end as ever, and good luck!

1. What Movie Is It?

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