Can You Identify These Opening Movie Shots?

Were you paying attention from minute one?

Mad Max Fury Road

The first shot of a movie is vitally important in terms of not only grabbing the viewer's attention, but also immediately conveying the film's style and tone.

Get it right and the audience is in the palm of the filmmaker's hand right away, prepared to follow them down any demented rabbit-hole they wish.

There are of course no strict rules for what constitutes a great opening shot, but they're typically eye-catching, unique, and true to everything the movie itself is about.

With all this in mind, did these 15 films manage to embed their first shots in your film buff brain forever more, or have you let them slip?

Following up our recent quiz on final movie shots, it's time to see just how much attention you were paying to these movies from the jump, and whether or not you're able to pair the inciting image to the undeniably iconic film it came from.

As ever, the answers are at the end, so good luck...

1. Which Movie Is It?

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