Can You Name The Following Liam Neeson Movies From Just One Image?

Can you recognise the film the Norther-Irish actor starred in based on one image?

Taken 2

Over the years, Liam Neeson has appeared in every type of film imaginable. He's worked in dramas, comic book flicks, cartoons, fantasy, war films, westerns, and comedies. We've seen him depict superheroes, supervillains, gods, a Jedi knight, monsters, aliens, a lion, and most importantly, a very dangerous man with a very specific sets of skills.

Not only that, few actors have reinvented themselves the way Neeson has. After spending years playing wisdom-spouting mentors, the Ballymena-born heartthrob transformed himself into a top-tier action star over the last decade. After starring in masterpieces like Schindler's List and franchises like Star Wars, it's clear the Oscar-nominated performer has had one of the most incredible careers in Hollywood.

But after 40 years in the game, it's easy to forget just how many movies Neeson has done. Even though he'll always be synonymous with his performances in Taken, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Dark Knight trilogy, Neeson has over a hundred film roles to his name. So when you see a still of the iconic actor on-set, can you tell what movie it is from?

1. What Movie Is This?


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