Can You Name The Minor Star Wars Character From ONE Image?

How well do you know Star Wars' supporting cast?


Happy May the Fourth! It's that time of the year where Star Wars fans gather - or as present circumstances dictate, don't - to celebrate George Lucas' sci-fi phenomenon.

There are only a few IP which can stand up to Star Wars' staying power and richness of lore, given the literally thousands of characters who exist across the various expanded universe ventures - both canon and not.

But this quiz will focus on those more minor characters who appeared in any of the theatrically released movies, from supporting heroes and villains to oddball aliens, cyborg assistants, and everything else in-between.

So, as we all toast the pop-culture monolith which George Lucas birthed back in 1977, wrack your brain to see if you can remember these peripheral players and bit-part characters.

To get anywhere close to 100%, you'll need to be both a huge Star Wars fan and a little lucky.

But the answers are at the end as ever, so good luck, and may the Force be with you!

1. Who Is It?


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