Can You Name The Nicolas Cage Movie From A Single Image?

How well do you know the One True God?

Buena Vista Pictures

Say what you will about Nicolas Cage, but the man has had one of the most fascinatingly diverse and prolific careers of any actor working today.

Sure, he's absolutely diluted his greatness by appearing in so much straight-to-VOD schlock over the last decade, but there's no denying the unique intensity he brings to even the most generic and otherwise forgettable movie.

Cage clearly relishes an acting challenge and loves to transform himself for roles, having played everything from regular Joes to action heroes and every demented thing in-between.

Across an almost 40-year career with now over 100 acting credits to his name, the man has changed-up his look drastically literally dozens of times, often by donning a ridiculous new hairpiece.

As such, even hardcore Cage aficionados might get a little hazy about which look was for which film, and so, we challenge you to try and match the look to the movie it originated from.

As ever the answers are at the end, so best of luck!

1. Which Movie Is It?


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