Can You Name These Movies After They've Been Hilariously Translated By Foreign Cinema?

Which movie did the Argentine's call "Vaseline"?



So often a misunderstanding can be the root of a bigger problem, a falling out or, in the case of this quiz, a hilarious movie mix up. With the global reach that Hollywood movies have, producers and film makers are constantly trying to make bigger impacts on their box office intake by advertising and promoting their movies all over the world.

Once these movies get accepted by different countries, they then have the task to edit, dub and subtitle these films in order for them to become accessible in other countries. But sometimes, the people in charge of these changes mess up. Hilariously. And never more than when they have to pick a film title that will captivate their audience.

Sure, sometimes an English film title just won't work. Perhaps there's a pun in the title or a saying that just won't translate into a different language. So, as a result, the producers in different countries may opt for a literal translation and sometimes they try to make a title up on their own.

This quiz will reveal some of the FUNNIEST movie titles that the distributors around the world thought were a good idea. From taking the movie theme too literally to disastrous spoilers, see if you can figure out what the intended movie was supposed to be from these foreign movie titles.

1. One Night Big Belly (China)


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