Cannes 2013: 10 Incredible Performances That Ruled The Festival

Scott Thomas After hundreds of films have screened in competition slots, in special screenings and in sidebars, Cannes film festival is drawing to a close. There may be a few films yet to screen, but at this stage of the festival, the collected producers, hacks and cinephiles tend to make their way back home, so it seems an appropriate time to explore some of the highlights of the festival. Inevitably, not all of Cannes' chosen films are great - they are chosen on artistic merit or intrigue rather than quality quite often, and the festival programmers like to offer something new, as well as some provocative inclusions ever year. The performances in those sorts of films can be great, but with so many great casts on show this year on the Croisette, it shouldn't be too much of a shock to see a strong representation of known names in this list. Honourable mentions must go to John Goodman, who threatened to steal every scene he was part of in Inside Llewyn Davis, as well as both Takao Osawa and the deliriously creepy Tatsuya Fujiwara from Takeshi Miike's under-appreciated Wara No Tate (Shield Of Straw.) Likewise George Mackay from the excellent sidebar film For Those In Peril will no doubt find his agent busy with offers after his lead performance in Paul Wright's skinned knee drama. But now on to the winners. Here we go with the ten biggest and best performances from this year's Cannes film festival...
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