Cannes 2013 Line-Up Predictions: 20 Films That Should Definitely Play

Von Trier Now that Christmas is out of the way, and the BAFTAs and Oscars will soon be done with as well, most focus in the film world will inevitably point towards this year's Cannes film festival. The 66th of the auspicious occasion will no doubt provide as many moments of controversy and critical acclaim as has always been the case, and the festival organisers will no doubt be looking to continue their trend of picking at least one "Best Film" candidate for the following year's Oscar ceremony. And as the press begin to file off their accreditation requests, and the local shop and bar owners choose the percentage by which all items will be marked up for the duration of the festival, the time has come to look forward to exactly which films we can expect to see on the Croisetter this year. So without further ado, here are the 25 films that we think have a great chance of appearing, whether in Competition, Special screening, side competitions or otherwise. And first up, the most contentious of all predictions...

20. Nymphomaniac

NymphomaniacDirector: Lars Von Trier Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Stacy Martin & Shia Laboeuf, If you ignore for a minute the fact that Lars Von Trier conspired to make himself persona non grata after his little Nazi joke went down like a lead balloon with a crude swastika painted on it, his next film has the hallmarks of a brilliant Cannes inclusion. Firstly, it's about sex, and graphic sex at that - and if there is one thing that makes the Croisette purr and offer other approving noises, it's graphic sex (though to be fair, the recent trend has seen a penchant for abuse rearing its ugly head.) Even better, Von Trier has apparently insisted on real sex, which will tick the "culturally significant" box for the film choosers, and there's nothing like a big old wedge of controversy to ensure some extra publicity for your festival is there? Or am I being too cynical here?
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