Cannes 2015: Woody Allen's Irrational Man (Video Review)

The first word on Allen's forty-fifth film. No filmmaker can quite match Woody Allen in terms of the constancy of his output. It's less than a year since his last film hit cinemas and already we've had the world premiere of his latest. There's a lot of pressure on Irrational Man. The director's forty-fifth film (depending on how you count), it comes encumbered with a peerless legacy as well as a desired peak in a recent career burst. In recent years the director's been on an alternating scale, punctuating major successes (Midnight In Paris, Blue Jasmine) with some of his most middling work (From Rome With Love, Magic In The Moonlight). By that reckoning, Irrational Man should be a film on the up, but a non- committal trailer threw some doubt on whether it'd be just another case of Allen working on the back-burner. Whether you've seen the trailer or are just going in on the director's name alone, the film's a bit different to what you might expect, but is it actually any good? Alex and Sam have seen the premiere in Cannes and weigh in with their take, highlighting the key talking points. Irrational Man is out on 17th July in the US and will hit UK screens later this year.

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