Cannes: 7 Best Palme d'Or Losers From The Past 20 Years

6. Rust and Bone (2012) - Winner: Amour (Michael Haneke - Austria)

rust and bone The Jacques Audiard romantic drama represented not only France, but Belgium as well. The original title De rouille et d'os technically doesn't translate from French to English as "Rust and Bone." The literal translation is "of rust and bone." Matthias Schoenaerts' character Ali lives not knowing where his next meal will come from. The single father of a son named Sam resorts to hitchhiking, stealing from retailers, and finding leftover food on commercial trains to survive. His relationship with a sister who lives in Antibes is frail. Morals and choice of jobs have the biggest impact on their shaky relationship. Ali's experience in boxing helps land him a job as a bouncer at a night club. When called to break up a fight outside, the victim he helps we later find out has a tendency to instigate these kinds of things. The victim is Stephanie, portrayed by Marion Cotillard. Her stubbornness doesn't stop Ali from giving her a ride home, despite the fact that she has cuts and bruises on her legs. Ali discovers Stephanie's failing relationship with her boyfriend Simon. Stephanie knows that Simon is threatened by Ali's character. The simple "here's my number, call me if you need anything" routine goes as far as the phrase intends to. An occupational hazard results in life changing injuries to Stephanie, both physical and psychological. This is what leads to Stephanie calling Ali "if she needs anything." Ali's treatment and respect for Stephanie strengthens her more than she could've anticipated. There's no pity or empathy, though he realizes that she needs help doing things she can't physically do on her own. Taking pleasure in sexual exhibition is now a thing of the past for Stephanie. Her desire and enjoyment of sex in general is questionable, she's not sure if she still has it. Ali offers to help in that department, which she takes him up on. Ali has a life changing experience of his own with his son, Sam. Ali's is purely psychological, with physical injuries resulting in Ali trying to change the experience for the better. This is when Ali truly feels afraid, alone, and needs Stephanie almost as much as she needs him.
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