Captain America: Civil War - 10 Most Exciting Potential Post-Credit Scenes

Never leave before the credits are done.

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If you're seeing a Marvel movie, you just know not to leave before the credits end, and Captain America: Civil War promises not one, but two extra scenes for everyone who stays. As reviews, reactions and spoilers start flooding the internet in the wake of the film’s international release, this is truly the last time to speculate on the endgame of Cvil War.

Even after Captain America's story is finished, the entire MCU will react to the aftermath of Civil War. The entirety of Phase 3 is gearing up to go and there’s numerous films that these final scenes could build hype for. There's the entire cosmic and magical sides of the MCU that are still being established and the massive Infinity War is looming.

Using recent post-credit scenes as an example of what to expect, we can narrow our suspicions somewhat. We could be in for a character introduction to the MCU like when The Winter Soldier debuted the Twins for the first time. Alternatively, we could see a major plot point for a future movie, like Thanos acquiring the Infinity Gauntlet or Cap and Falcon meeting with Bucky.

One of the movie's biggest secrets may have already been spilled if you're willing to look for it, but for all the un-spoiled, this is one last stab at what could be in store once Civil War is all wrapped up.

10. Thor Gets Word Of The Conflict

Civil War Post Credits.jpg
Marvel Studios

It’s already been confirmed that Hulk will not be included in the post-credit scenes but those same denials mentioned nothing of his Ragnarok co-star, Thor. As Marvel’s most prominent hero not included in Civil War, a cameo appearance could still be in order fro Chris Hemsworth.

Thor should still feel connected to the MCU in his absence and likewise, the aftermath of Civil War needs to feel like it's expanding the world. Including Thor in a post-credit scene would thus solve both of those problems effortlessly.

One potential scenario could see Heimdall having a conversation with Thor about what he sees on Earth. It would be simple but in a few seconds it could both tie Thor back to the goings-on of the other heroes while still establishing that start of his new story set on Asgard.

Judging by the shoe-horned cave vision scenes from Age Of Ultron, the higher-ups at Marvel absolutely seem keen on setting up Ragnarok as much as possible. With a tool like these stingers at their disposal, it seems almost too good to pass up a teaser like this.


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