Captain America: Civil War – 13 Biggest Rumours You Need To Know (Jan 13th)

Go big or go home.

Another month, another raft of Civil War rumours, theories, leaks and suspiciously made-up sounding "facts" about the most hyped superhero movie of 2016. Sorry DC fanboys, it's just the case. With the May release date steadily advancing, merch-makers like LEGO and Funk have started unveiling their tie-ins to the film, which as ever spells disaster for Marvel's attempts to keep everything locked down. The toy companies might have a creative licence to do whatever they please with the merch, but such is the pulling power of fans reliving actual sequences from the film that they more often than not sneak in real details that are then game for further theorising and rumour-spinning. That's very much a case for the first Civil War rumour column of 2016. And long may it continue. Obviously there is going to be some heavy spoiler discussion in here alongside more outlandish speculation, so if that doesn't get you hyped, maybe turn back to safer ground now...

13. Thunderbolt Ross Is A Straight Up Villain (But Not A Red One)

So, while we could reasonably guess that General Ross would be a thorn in the Avengers' side, it looks like his personal demons actually make him a more legitimate villain. That rumour is based on the Russo's information about Ross and his relationship with the Avengers:
€œHe€™s a character who was ham-fisted in his approach in €˜The Incredible Hulk€™, and that€™s probably a polite way to put it. And I think he€™s learned from his over-aggressiveness in that movie and he€™s become more of a politician. He€™s much savvier now. And he€™s cornering the Avengers superheroes have always been a to him; he€™s not a fan of them. So now he€™s come at them strategically by aligning the world against them. So, he€™s gotten much savvier and I think you€™ll find that he€™s grown as a character, he€™s different than he was in €˜The Incredible Hulk€™. And he€™s more formidable and political opponent to them.€
Unfortunately though, the Russos added that though there's always a chance "you can see anything", Anthony was quick to point out that "Anthony reassured,€œthere€™s no Red Hulk in Civil War." Rating: 8/10 It sucks a little that he won't be Red Hulk, unfortunately, but the idea of Ross basically taking out his Hulk frustrations and general suspicions about super-powered people on the Avengers is a good one. And it certainly fits with the more general idea of the events of Civil War being shaped as much by personal agendas and wounds as by anything overtly political. So expect him to be a big bad.

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