Captain America: Civil War - 15 Obscure Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Wait... Who's that dead guy?

Captain America Civil War Easter Eggs Obscure
Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War is the gift that keeps on giving. For many fans of the genre, the film has been the only real option for multiple watches during the busy (but surprisingly underwhelming Spring release window) after Batman v Superman and X-Men: Apocalypse failed to delight to the same degree.

The film is also enormously rewarding on multiple viewing: it is so stacked in narrative terms that little jokes and background details only reveal themselves on second and third viewings. And of course, because this is a Marvel film, it's also absolutely packed to the gills with Easter Eggs, some of which are significantly more obscure than the surface level finds.

So, even some weeks after release, it's still great to go back and hunt the little obscure finds, which may not all be discovered for years (as the Patriots reference in The Winter Soldier that was recently found proves). And you'd be surprised to know how many of the in-jokes, nods and mythology gags you might have missed.

Here are the best and most obscure of those references and Easter Eggs...

15. Widow's Love Necklace?

Black Widow Hulk Necklace
Marvel Studios

As the very most eagle-eyed of audience members will have noticed, Black Widow once more sports a new necklace during the Nigeria set sequence that opens the film properly. The stone, by the look of the images available is green.

Previously of course, she wore a necklace with a little arrow on for The Winter Soldier, suggesting there may be something more than friendship between her and Clint Barton...

Black Widow Necklace Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

His wife must have been absolutely thrilled to know about that one.

Anyway, the obvious logical leap here is that Widow has replaced her token of affection for Barton with a reflection of her love for Banner.


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