Captain America: Civil War 23 Behind The Scenes Images You Need To See

Secret Avengers no more.

Despite the sneaking suspicion that it's going to be literally nothing like the source material (in anything but name), Captain America: Civil War remains one of the most exciting comic book movies on the slate. And while it probably won't recapture the box office pull of big brother The Avengers, it should do enough money to justify the expanded scope, larger budget and bigger marketing push. We're yet to see a trailer for the film - though footage has been shown (to great reaction) at both D23 and the AsiaPop ComiCon - but there is already a lot of information circulating the web about one half of the superhero clash movie duo releasing in 2016. Rumours suggest any number of possibilities every day, in the absence of concrete information, but at least set images that have leaked so far can fill in some of the gaps. From what we've seen - and from the trailers that aired overseas - it's possible to put a couple of jigsaw pieces into place. One, this is definitely Cap's movie. Two, it's going to start with a bang and an appearance by Crossbones. And three, Black Panther is on the tail of Bucky just as much as Captain America is...

23. Black Panther In Full Costume


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