Captain America: Civil War - 8 Major Reveals From The New Images

How does Spider-Man fit into the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man?

With Warner Bros. really upping the ante in terms of promotion as we get closer to the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it would be easy to forget that 2016's other big hero vs. hero movie is also on the horizon; Captain America: Civil War pits Steve Rogers against Iron Man as The Avengers are split down the middle, and it promises to have major ramifications on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. The latest issue of Empire has put the spotlight on the first of Marvel's Phase 3 offerings, and while it doesn't actually go on sale until this Thursday, we have all the new details and images from within right here. From how it sets the stage for Avengers: Infinity War to Spider-Man's introduction and the surprise return of a certain Iron Man supporting character, it's become clear that Captain America: Civil War is going to be quite possibly the year's biggest comic book movie, and that barely scratches the surface of what's revealed here as Marvel no doubt prepare the long anticipated second trailer for release sometime over the next month. As war brews in the MCU, fans are going to have to pick a side, but it doesn't sound as if that's going to be anywhere near as easy as it was back when the Civil War comic book was released in 2006...

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