Captain America: Civil War - First Look At Baron Zemo

He looks a little bit different to the comics.

Baron Zemo Captain America Civil War
Marvel Studios

We're now just two weeks away from the UK release of Captain America: Civil War (three if you're in the US), and the layers continue to be peeled back as Marvel push the marketing machine into overdrive.

In addition to the rave reviews that have been coming out, all of the cast have been appearing on Jimmy Kimmel this week, and now Civil War is the feature of a big Entertainment Weekly cover story.

It's from there that we've got our first look at the film's mysterious villain, Baron Zemo. Played by Daniel Brühl, he's the one character we haven't seen until now, and we don't know much about how he fits into the film. We do know he'll be pulling the strings in the background, although he won't have the traditional purple mask the character dons in the comics, nor has anything been mentioned about the Masters of Evil (the group he leads).


It's a big departure, appearances wise at least (it's basically Brühl in a pair of glasses, not that that's necessarily a bad thing), but co-director Joe Russo has moved to reassure fans that it'll still be somewhat faithful: "He€™s still similar to what you know of Zemo, a revenge character."

What that means for Helmut Zemo in the film remains to be seen, but you can bet he'll have a big part to play in creating this Civil War, even if it is from the shadows.


Captain America: Civil War will be released in the UK on April 29, and in the US on May 6.


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