Captain America: Civil War: We Know What Side Hawkeye Is On

Is he Team-Cap, or part of the Stark Squad?

D23 presented us with a bunch of new footage from Captain America: Civil War, and chief among the highlights was a face-off between Hawkeye and Black Widow. That confirmed they'll be on opposite sides of the film's superhero rift, and after being asked whether he'll fight under Captain America at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Chicago, Jeremy Renner confirmed Hawkeye's specific allegiance:

"I don€™t know; they wrote me in that side, it made sense to me."
Renner's confirmation sits well with the rumoured line-up for the teams, adding further credence to their authenticity. With Hawkeye fighting under Captain America, that means Black Widow will be with Stark. Personally the latter portion of that reveal is more interesting, given that Black Widow shares not just a connection with Hawkeye, but also began to bond noticeably with Evans' Cap in 2014's The Winter Soldier. That means she'll be facing off against two of her closer allies, baiting a ton of cool conflict as a consequence. Dramatically speaking, it feels like the right move for the film.
We'll probably get more confirmations in the coming weeks, but right now everything reported is turning out to be pretty accurate. You can see Hawkeye rally under Cap's call in Captain America: Civil War, which releases in the UK on 29th April 2016 and a week later on May 6th in the US.

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