Captain America Fights Giant-Man In Civil War Concept Art

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Captain America Civil War Giant Man
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Ant-Man was one of the real highlights of last year's Captain America: Civil War (obviously, because he was played by Paul Rudd), with one of the recurring gags his clear admiration for Cap himself. However, as new concept art reveals, they could've been on opposing sides of the conflict.

Andy Park, who has already revealed art for Spider-Man vs Giant-Man, took to Instagram to show off some more of his work on the hit film, this time seeing Captain America fighting Giant-Man.


The artwork looks pretty cool, but it's probably for the best that it never actually made it into the movie. As Park mentions, Scott Lang was initially on Team Stark, but was switched over as it made more sense to the story.

It's hard to argue otherwise, given his (and Hank Pym's) distrust of the Starks, which is even referenced in the movie. It also would've robbed us of a couple of great lines, such as when Lang is starstruck meeting Steve Rogers. The way Cap fights Giant-Man, however, was carried over in a way, as we saw both Iron Man and War Machine uppercut him in the big airport fight scene.


Would you have liked to have seen Captain America fighting Giant-Man? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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