Captain America's Role In Avengers: Infinity War Was Almost Completely Different!

A secret, early draft of Infinity War had very different plans for the Captain...

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Avengers: Infinity War has finally been released on DVD and Blu-Ray, which means that not only is it possible to get a fix of everyone’s favourite purple, genocidal giant on the daily, but we get a whole host of new information on the films production and behind the scenes through the extra features and DVD commentary.

One of the most interesting points the Russo’s raise while discussing how the film took shape was the different ideas they originally had for Chris Evans’ Captain America. Joe Russo says that it was always their intention to give Captain America a huge entrance, hence the badass train sequence in Edinburgh. This (relatively) early introduction for Steve Rogers also allowed him to be a key player in the organisation of the earthbound heroes and that epic final Wakanda battle, however this was not always the case for his character.

In the same commentary, the Christopher Markus revealed that Cap’s screen time in one early draft was incredibly short. In fact, he would have made his entrance at the very end of the movie, just as Corvus Glaive is about to kill Vision and take the Mind Stone. As he does in the final version, he would have tackled Corvus to the ground and saved Vision’s life, in a surprise and epic introduction after being teased for the whole movie since Tony almost called him back in the New York Sanctum.

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Ultimately, Cap’s earlier introduction was opted as the better choice as some fans would understandably have been disappointed with one of the MCU’s leading men only appearing in the movie for the final few moments. It also allowed them to add a little more time with Steve and Bucky together, making Bucky’s death by snap all the more devastating to the Captain.

With Captain America slated to have a very prominent role in the still fully untitled Avengers: FH, and with Infinity War being as complex and crammed full of characters as it is, it makes sense the Russo’s would have considered all options with Steve Rogers in Infinity War.


Cool as a last minute swooping saviour moment would have been, in taking the route that re-establishes Cap’s relationship with Bucky and the rest of the team, the Russo’s have left Rogers a little more room to deal out some major revenge ass-whooping in Avengers 4.

Do you think Captain America should have been saved for a last minute introduction in Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know in the comments below!

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