Carl Erik Rinsch gets rite of renewal from LOGAN'S RUN, new director needed

Heat Vision reports that Carl Erik Rinsch has become the latest talent to enjoy only a brief attachment to WB's Logan's Run remake before ditching the film altogether when it proved a difficult nut to crack. He joins Bryan Singer, Robert Schwentke, James McTeigue and Joseph Kosinski in failing to bring William Nolan and George Johnson's 60's published sci-fi novel back to the big screen. Just like the novel, directors involved with Logan's Run only enjoy a limited lifespan it seems. Warner Brothers are clearly keen on updating Logan's Run, already made 33 years ago with Michael York and Jenny Agutter in a cult sci-fi classic - with a new 3D, special effects and action heavy adaptation. They have a screenplay by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine) that they like. If you haven't seen the original - it's a fun movie set around an idealistic 23rd century post-nuclear civilisation which is kept in order by a €˜rite of renewal€™ where once you reach a certain age, you must be killed off in Holocaust style mass genocide. If you try and avoid this renewal, you are deemed a runner and you are chased by sandmen. Although I enjoy the original movie - the novel of €™67 is at least two notches superior and with modern day special effects, a more sense-worthy age of renewal, and better supporting characters (the original was somewhat lacking) there is certainly a case to be made that a cinematic do-over could be justified. But producers Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman have been trying to remake this for nearly ten years now, isn't it time to give up the ghost? Especially when the talented storyteller Andrew Niccol has an original film 'inspired' by Logan's Run that's currently filming and sounds a thousand times more interesting at New Regency. It's been reported that commercials filmmaker Rinsch left Logan's Run to instead make Universal's 47 Ronin, the other film he has been developing for the past 12 months. 47 Ronin is a Chris Morgan (Wanted) written samurai/action vehicle, that re-tells the true life tale of a band of samurai€™s who avenged the death of their master in 18th century Japan. It€™s a famous and often re-told story in Japan, kind of like our version of a Robin Hood. That movie has a release date (November 21, 2012) a star in Keanu Reeves (as a samurai, weird), and has concept art drawn up and scouting locations being sought. Simply put it's a go-er and Logan's Run still had some work to do. And now without a director - it's got even more to do.
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