Carrie Fisher Thought George Lucas Was Joking About The Gold Bikini In Return Of The Jedi

Also criticises The Force Awakens hairstyle.

Star Wars Darth Vader Princess Leia.jpg

There's two things you think of when talking about Princess Leia; the buns and the bikini. So of course they came up a lot during Carrie Fisher: The Princess Diaries, the panel with the actress about her time working on Star Wars at Celebration Europe. In amongst a lot of focus on her celebrity dog Gary and several skits from host Warwick Davis, she dropped a couple of anecdotes about these elements.

Perhaps the most interesting involves the gold bikini (but of course), with Fisher revealing when George Lucas first showed her sketches of the design she thought it was a joke. This was only two months before shooting began, meaning it was a pretty swift, surprise process. Of course, Fisher has since expressed distaste at the costume, telling Daisy RIdley to stand strong against the idea if they attempt to channel it in the sequel trilogy (although she did later joke that she was wearing a modified version on the stage).

The buns also came up, primarily in contrast to what she calls the "baboon arse" hairstyle from The Force Awakens. Of course, there was very little about Episode VIII, the only thing being that Chewie and Leia will likely share a scene; when brought to the set, Gary was petrified what he viewed as a big dog.


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