Casey Affleck: 5 Awesome Performances & 5 That Sucked

Also known as 'Casey Affleck: Under-acting or just bored?'

Casey Affleck has achieved something very difficult in the last two decades; he's stepped out from under his brother's shadow. Sure, his familial connection to big brother Ben opened a lot of doors for him, but he has a verve and style all his own. If Ben is the superstar pretty boy, Casey is the character actor (though he's also a pretty boy himself).

In striking out on his own and forging his own career, it's become clear that he has a penchant for dreamlike tales of Americana, floating through depictions of the lower- and middle-classes throughout U.S. history, with an obvious knack for period roles.

Even his present-day stories feel like they€™re not from this time at all. His ethereal, detached acting style - aloof, yet completely focused, is unique. The subtleties and soft voice with which he approaches every role give him a distinct persona that can sometimes be used to deadpan effect on the other side of the fence, in comedies and quirky indies. And yet, he remains a relatable, sympathetic figure, which was clearly key in his casting for John Hillcoat's hyper-violent Tripe 9, which is now in cinemas.

Obviously sometimes his choices can let him down and the paycheck roles stick out a mile. His particular style isn't always suited to the films signs onto, and his low-key approach to acting sometimes comes across as sheer boredom. Judging by some of his worst films, it's probably safe to say that he is bored.

Here's the best and worst of the other Affleck's acting career...


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