Casting The Fantastic Four In The MCU

Introducing the First Family to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Zac Efron Johnny Storm

How do you do the Fantastic Four justice on the big screen? It's a question that has plagued 20th Century Fox for over 20 years (they first hired Chris Columbus to write a script back in 1995), but soon it won't have to be their problem anymore.

Barring any last-minute surprises, the mammoth Disney-Fox merger will go ahead, and while it does raise questions about the House of Mouse's domination over the rest of the market, it's also getting fans excited about so many iconic characters being opened up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only does that mean the X-Men are likely to be introduced, but Marvel's first family as well. Three films with two different sets of actors has already been made, but neither have come close to getting the characters right. And yet, given the longevity of the characters, and the way they can easily be updated to suit the era, it really shouldn't be that hard.

Marvel have already shown with Spider-Man that they can go right where another studio has gone wrong, and Fantastic Four is another opportunity for just that. It may be a few years off yet, but the talent is already there for multiple Fantastic Four films within the MCU.


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