Catherine Tate in GULLIVER'S TRAVELS

DR. WHO sidekick, 40 year old actress/comedian Catherine Tate has joined GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, Fox's upcoming big budget adventure comedy starring Jack Black as the free-spirited travel writer whose visit to the Bermuda Triangle bizarrely sees him end up as a giant among men on the mystery island of Lilliput. Tate will play the Queen of Lilliput according to the actress herself.catherine-tate-christmas-special-showAs we already know, Emily Blunt, robbed of a big role in IRON MAN 2 will play Black's love interest. Rob Letterman (MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, SHARK TALE) directs his first live action feature based on a script by Nichollas Stoller (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL) and Joe Stillman (SHREK). via = /film

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