Catwoman Expected For Animated Batman '66 Movie

Julie Newmar will reprise her famous role at the age of 81.

We're lucky enough to still have Adam West and Burt Ward with us to voice Batman and Robin for Warner Bros. upcoming, animated spin-off from their 1960s Batman TV series. Unfortunately, Frank Gorshin and Cesar Romero have passed away in the intervening decades, so any appearance by The Riddler or The Joker would have to be recast - or, I suppose, patchworked together from outtakes and old audio. But there is one key villain from Batman '66 who is still with us, and that's the incomparable Julie Newmar. Very sweetly, she seems set to reprise the role of Catwoman at the age of 81. 13th Dimension started the rumour, as passed on by Ain't it Cool, so you may wish to add a pinch of salt, but I like the idea. Other Catwomen from the show included Eartha Kitt, who is sadly no longer with us, and Lee Meriwether. Newmar all but owns the role, and I can understand why she'd get the nod, but I hope Meriwether at least gets offered some kind of cameo, if she wants it. She's earned it. Now let's see if Yvonne Craig gets a call to reprise Batgirl, or Barbara Gordon. That could be a lot of fun too. Much more about this Batmovie over the coming months, I'm sure.
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