Park Chan-wook's New Film Made Entirely On iPhone 4

While the big Hollywood directors are falling over themselves to mention that they are using Red Epic cameras on their latest megabucks ventures, ParkChan-wook, he of Oldboy & Thirst has gone the other way, choosing to shoot his 30 minute short €˜Paranmanjang€™, or 'Ups and downs', from locations to casting, entirely on Apple's iPhone 4. Partly financed by a Korean iPhone manufacturer and made with the help of his brother, the film is described as;
'a fantastical tale that begins with a middle-aged man fishing one afternoon and then, hours later at night, catches the body of a woman. The panicked man tries to undo the intertwined fishing line, but he gets more and more entangled. He faints, then wakes up to find himself in the white clothes that the woman was wearing. The movie€™s point of view then shifts to the woman and it becomes a tale of life and death from a traditional Korean point of view.'
There's no trailer available yet but there is a poster and a still;

A bit of a publicity coup for Apple no doubt. Park's not the first filmmaker to make movies on the device, but he's probably the most high profile and I'm intrigued to see the end product. There's no word on what kind of distribution the short will enjoy playing only in select theatres in his home country, but no doubt aspiring filmmakers will get a kick out of what he achieves when it is inevitably released on the web for all to see. All we need now is for Christopher Nolan to come forward and say he is making The Dark Knight Rises on a super 8.
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