Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Is Actually Happening

No, really.


The idea of spending Valentine's Day with Channing Tatum is about to become reality.

The actor's long, long-gestating Gambit movie is finally, actually, really happening now, with Fox confirming a release date of February 14, 2019 for the X-Men spin-off movie. And, after recent rumours suggested as much, PIrates of the Caribbean's Gore Verbinski will direct the film.

The movie, which will focus on the New Orleans-based, card-throwing mutant everyone came to love during the 90s cartoon, has had a number of setbacks since it was announced. Tatum himself turned up at San Diego Comic-Con way back in 2015 to tease the film, but since then it's gone through two directors (Ruper Wyatt and then Doug Liman), script changes, and all other kinds of development hell.


For a long time it looked like the movie would never make it to screens, but with a director locked in and a firm release date in place, it genuinely looks like it's going to hit cinemas - with a good chance of it getting the same R-rated treatment as other recent X-movies - although we have been in this situation before with the movie.

Valentine's Day was a strong release time for Deadpool (It landed just before), so it makes sense for Fox to try and repeat that with Gambit, especially with the pull of Tatum. Verbinski is a very interesting choice for a superhero movie, having most recently helmed A Cure for Wellness. He's definitely got the eye to make something visually interesting, but hopefully this one isn't way too long and bogged down in boring or nonsensical plots.


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