Charlie Theron packs her bags to follow Tom Cruise's THE TOURIST!

If talks go well, Charlize Theron will star opposite lead Tom Cruise in THE TOURIST, the Hollywood remake of the 2005 French thriller ANTHONY ZIMMER. Theron will play a female interpol agent who uses American tourist Tom Cruise, so that she can get rid of an elusive criminal with whom she once had an affair. Christopher McQuarrie, who recently scribed Cruise's VALKYRIE, is currently redrafting Julian Fellowes script (VANITY FAIR, GOSFORD PARK) according to Variety. This is a project that has been growing since director Bharat Nalluri (MISS. PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY) boarded the film in June, landed the Cruise-meister in August and now has an expected March start date to begin shooting. India born Nalluri, who made his name working on the BBC spy series Spooks before helming some of the cop show Life on Mars, certainly has the pedigree for this kind of material. He may be the most talented director without a forums page on IMDB... (now that tagline should be used on the poster!).

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