Chris Pine, Shia LaBeouf & Alex Pettyfer Wanted For PREACHER

According to the newly hired director himself, D.J. Caruso has a thespian wishlist for the trio of major roles in Columbia's adaptation of Garth Ennis' cult favourite Vertigo comic book series Preacher and that all three actors are interested, schedules permitting, of starring in the picture. Doing the press rounds for I Am Number Four in France, Caruso spilled the names of; Chris Pine - The Star Trek star who Caruso wants to portray Jesse, a role rather ambitiously forever linked to Johnny Depp. Shia LaBeouf - Caruso's regular lead from Disturbia and Eagle Eye - who he wants as Arseface Alex Pettyfer - Caruso's I Am Number Four lead as The Saint of Killers. However with all three men looking to have a pretty busy summer already, Caruso might well have a hard enough time getting even one of them to sign on. Plus, the last we heard John August (Sweeney Todd) was still working on the screenplay and it won't be ready for camera's for a little while yet. My knowledge of Preacher is a little iffy having read the series years ago now but I've just asked OWF's comics expert Simon Gallagher what he thought of the three names circling and whether they would be good fits for an adaptation and he said.. no... no... and no. So that's that then. The story follows a possessed Texas preacher who teams up with a vampire in a quest to track down God and make him accountable for his negligence towards the world. Caruso spoke in length about the project at the junket;
€œIt is a crazy road trip and I think what€™s amazing and what makes Sony so brave is they can see there€™s a real universality to the story when you have good vs. evil. I think when you have these crazy characters, that are not necessarily politically correct, there€™s something generally attractive to those characters and those elements. But at the end of the day it really is a story about good vs. evil and the decisions that you make. Whether the demons are going to win or whether the Genesis or the good inside of Jesse is going to be there. So I think there€™s a great universality that makes the movie commercial but at the same time it€™s one of those that will shock you.€
The full interview is below... Rencontre avec D.J Caruso et Alex Pettyferby cloneweb via - The Playlist

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