Chris Nolan 2017: 10 Movies He Might Direct Next

It's time for Michael Caine to clear his schedule...

Few directors have had a streak as hot as the one that Christopher Nolan is on right now. With Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar behind him, he€™s on an undeniable roll in terms of both critical reception and box office draw. The big question, then, is "Where next?" With this run of hits in his wake, Christopher Nolan could walk into any film studio in the world right now, demand any amount of money, and make whatever the heck he wants. Any blockbuster franchise would welcome him with open arms, or he could easily get any tiny passion project he wanted off the ground, if he so desired. Warner Bros have claimed recently that his next film will come through them, and arrive in American cinemas on July 21st 2017. Michael Caine €“ who should probably start clearing space in his schedule €“ has apparently talked to Nolan about his new highly secretive script over dinner. Nolan was also linked to novel adaptation Ready Player One a few months back, before Steven Spielberg claimed the director's chair on that one. So, will Nolan head to space again or return to Earth after his Interstellar adventure? Will he tackle another big blockbuster or head back to indie-sized character pieces? Will his string of smash-hit successes continue? Let's take a look at the options.

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