Chris Nolan directing JUSTICE LEAGUE, J Nolan helming MAN OF STEEL?

We should all just calm down a little over the Team Nolan/Warner Bros. situation and from here on in, take each fresh bit of news with a grain of salt and try and find the true within it. On Friday, IESB claimed that Chris Nolan will direct a future Justice League movie, teaming Ryan Reynolds'Green Lantern with The Flash, Batman, Superman and others once he has directed Batman 3, and his brother Jonathan Nolan has co-wrote (with Goyer) and DIRECTED - Superman: The Man of Steel. This is time to pull the reigns, and go WOOOOOOOOOAAAHHH nelly! Of course, it's obvious that Warner Bros. would want Chris Nolan to direct a Justice League movie. Think about it - he has a an unblemished record at the studio, they would offer him the kingdom to helm any of their comic properties after the success of his Batman franchise which saved their superhero film division. Hell, only he could get a $200 cerebral summer blockbuster like Inception off the ground because of the carte blanche he has at the studio. So yeah, he will be Warner Bros' first choice but would Nolan direct Justice League?

Probably not - but the possibility of course remains as long as Team Nolan stay on board both the Batman and Superman franchises, simply because he would be able to tell the JLA movie he wants to tell. That's a powerful thing that no-other creative talent, not Bryan Singer, Sam Raimi or Jon Favreau have been granted in this genre. One important point to consider is that Chris Nolan doesn't believe his version of Batman and the Superman character exist in the same universe. He told the L.A. Times just after the release of The Dark Knight...
€œI don't think our Batman, our Gotham, lends itself to that kind of cross-fertilization.€
Simply put, in Nolan's Bat universe - superheroes don't exist. Onto the other story and I also don't doubt that Jonathan Nolan will help David Goyer in writing the new Superman script - because that's the working practice they adhere to. I also don't doubt that all three men... Goyer, Chris Nolan and even Jonah Nolan will at some point consider directing the piece, and Warner Bros. will indeed consider them. Will the end choice be J Nolan, a $200 million+ project in the hands of a first time director? Again - probably not - but the possibility remains as long as Team Nolan stay on board. I personally think they will go with someone who has at least three features under his belt, with one of them a large budget piece, but I wouldn't rule out J Nolan altogether. From here on in, take each new tidbit and examine it carefully because this is the crazy time right now. We get an official annoucement that Christopher Nolan and David Goyer, at least for the time being, are spearheading the new Superman reboot at the newly formed DC Entertainment and then it's pretty easy to come with any hit-generating rumor. Just remember that over the coming weeks.
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