Christina Ricci Goes Evil For The Smurfs 2

Will voice Vexi, an evil version of Smurfette in Sony's sequel to their 2011 CGI live-action hybrid.

After the well received (in global takings anyway) first CGI live-action hybrid outing for "The Smurfs", it was no surprise to hear that Sony had plans to put a sequel was going to be put in place. After all, the film grossed over half a billion dollars world wide and was one of the surprise hits of 2011. The good folks over at The Hollywood Reporter smurfed the exclusive today that Christina Ricci will be the presumed villain of the sequel, voicing a character named Vexi - who will be the evil version of Smurfette (once again voiced by Katy Perry). The rest of the cast such as Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry and George Lopez of the 2011 film are expected to be making a return, as well as Raja Gosnell who will be returning to direct. All were very happy with their pay-deals from the last time around. The Smurfs 2 is expected to hit screens on July 31st 2013 in the US, and August 2nd 2013 in the UK.
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