Christopher Lee's DRACULA cape found in Fancy Dress Store!!!

Cape is said to be worth $50,000 and has been missing for three decades!

I love this story. The famous original cape that the great Christopher Lee wore in the first Hammer Horror produced Dracula movie back in 1958 has turned up in a Fancy Dress shop in London. The cape which has been missing for over three decades is believed to be worth $50,000!


I just wonder how many people wore it pretending to be Lee's Dracula, put never actually realised that was his cape! The cape was found by the owner of the shop after an annual stock take in the run up to Christmas and Halloween! Amazing and I wonder how she realised what it was. I mean do these things have a label? I actually have a chance to see this classic movie and it's restored print on the big screen in a few weeks, the best of the Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee team-ups. I can't wait to see it... I adore Lee's Dracula. Just makes you wonder what else is tucked away in fancy dress shops!


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