Cine-Excess 2011 Preview: Cannibal Holocaust, Django, Franco Nero!

the films to talk about this year (that€™s how is it right, Matt?), for the rest of us its bottom shelf beer and whatever movies crop up on TV. €œBut hell,€ we mutter bitterly to ourselves in front of another late night Spaghetti Western, €œwe don€™t want those films anyway. We want the cinema of violence, perversity and madness.€ Lucky for those of us back in Blightly then that the end of May sees the return of Cine Excess€™ three day conference on global cult cinema. Now in its fifth year, Cine Excess is this time out focusing on, €œsubverting the senses€ with a series of panel discussions, filmmaker interviews and rare screenings that examine the, €œpolitics and aesthetics of excess.€ The €˜mini-festival€™ begins on May 26th with a discussion on censorship, followed over the course of the weekend by over 30 separate talks on cinematic controversies. Fanning the flames of debate, we€™ll also be presented with a new edit of Ruggero Deodato€™s deranged masterpiece Cannibal Holocaust, a film whose verite horrors landed its director in court on a charge of murder. Deodato himself will be introducing the film and will later join a group of cult movie experts to debate, amongst other things, the trouble with censors. As if that weren€™t enough, also in attendance is legendary Italian actor Franco Nero, on hand to introduce the 1969 oddball horror A Quiet Place in the Country (co-starring his wife Vanessa Redgrave) and to talk in depth about the classic, coffin draggin Spaghetti Western Django (which will be screened Saturday afternoon). The festival runs from the 26th €“ 28th May and is the perfect retreat for those of us fascinated by the cinema of the extreme. For full details on the event go to

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