CITY OF EMBER trailer looks like something I wanna see!

"What... was that?" Pretty darn good is what I say!

Yeah, I liked this quite a bit - though I was temporarily distracted from the very first sound of the trailer which (and don't doubt it - I could be 100% spot on here because I played the game about 5 million times), sounds exactly like the sound made when a door opens on the N64 game Perfect Dark. Anyway, moving on... I dug this trailer quite a bit.

The set designs look good, the movie for some reason has a German esque look about it. Maybe it's just Metropolis invading my brain but this certainly doesn't feel like a Hollywood movie despite the presence of Tim Robbins and Bill Murray. I'm anxious too for seeing the Academy Award nominated Saoirse Ronan follow-up her brilliant turn in Atonement with a leading part. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER Has a Guillermo del Toro feel about it, wouldn't ya say? Love the end tease too. Look for this one on October 10th (no U.K. release date as yet) from talented 31 year old director Gil Kenan, whose visual animated fest Monster House was a surprisingly entertaining movie back in 06. This is his second movie to date and his first live-action feature. Sure looks to me like he has some talent! source - coming soon

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