Cohen Media€™s burgeoning selection of distribution titles is starting to look shrewder all the time. Amidst their current catalogue of films include My Afternoon with Margueritte, Outside the Law (both French language productions), Oranges and Sunshine (Jim Loach€™s directorial debut) and forthcoming World War II drama, Operation Mincemeat. Plainly, the company is seeking to invest in slightly smaller and more cerebral fare than that which typically dominates the multiplexes; however, Cohen€™s latest project is likely to have considerable commercial appeal, particularly in the United States as it depicts the business life of one of the recent financial meltdowns greatest villains, Bernard Madoff. Madoff, for those who aren€™t aware of him was and investment banker gaoled for over a hundred years for his part in the defrauding and embezzlement of clients and investor€™s money to a sum of well over $17 billion in 2009. The documentary entitled Chasing Madoff is based on the book Noone Would Listen by investigative reporter Harry Markopolos who followed Madoff€™s business transactions for years with increasing alarm and was unable to make financial regulators and authorities take notice of his findings until the financial system collapsed around him. Jason Prosserman (who also made a documentary about the pursuit of Madoff entitled The Foxhounds) will produce and direct for a three man executive production team of Jeff Sackman, Randy Manis and Anton Nadler. Cohen Media is a relatively new venture for the company which made its money in real estate, chief executive Charles Cohen said of the company€™s new operations:
"I saw the opportunity to start a distinctively selective small distribution company dedicated to creating a custom marketing plan.€
Whatever this means, the films with which they are thus far identified appear deliberately substantive, something which is often all too lacking in an industry of remakes and comic-book adaptations.
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