Colin Farrell Knows Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Irish star to play Graves in Potter spin-off.

Colin Farrell's a great actor, but he's kind of box-office poison. Just look at this track record. Total Recall? Bombed. Fright Night? Nobody bothered. Dead Man Down? Yup, I don't really remember that either. In fact, aside from his hysterical supporting turn in 2011's Horrible Bosses, S.W.A.T was the actor's last legitimate hit. That came out in 2003. Granted, since Miami Vice 9 years ago, he's not been making particularly commercial choices, but for a man still considered an A-lister that reads pretty alarmingly. Well that's likely to change with the news he's been cast in Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Directed by David Yates and written by original novelist J.K Rowling, Farrell has landed a major role alongside Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice). Farrell will play Graves, a wizarding accomplice of Redmayne's protagonist, who resides in 1930s New York.

It's good news for Farrell and good news for audiences, because on his day the man is stellar. He's currently impressing in the otherwise divisive second season of True Detective, and his recent back catalogue includes strong turns in Seven Psychopaths. Saving Mr. Banks and The Way Back. Box-office glory may not have been forthcoming, but the quality of work speaks for itself. If you really need a reminder of why Farrell remains a Hollywood player, flashback to 2000 and revisit his star-making turn in Vietnam drama Tigerland. He's the best thing about an unfairly forgotten film. Fantastic Beasts lands in UK cinemas on November 18th next year. Farrell can next be seen in Cannes darling The Lobster, which opens in the UK October 16th. In typical Farrell fashion, he's meant to very, very good.


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