Colin Firth Cast As Lead In Matthew Vaughn’s The Secret Service

firth tinker Colin Firth has been cast as the lead in Matthew Vaughn€™s next film, The Secret Service. The film is based upon Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Wanted) and Dave Gibbons€™ (Watchmen) comic of the same name and will be Vaughn€™s second collaboration with Millar following their enormous success with 2010€™s Kick Ass. Oscar winner for The King€™s Speech, Firth recently played a spy in 2011€™s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Here he will play a veteran super-spy and James Bond-type named Uncle Jack who trains up his slacker nephew Gary to become his successor. The plot of the comic involves Jack and Gary investigating a series of celebrity kidnappings, among them Mark Hamill and Ridley Scott, though it€™s unconfirmed yet whether either will actually appear in the movie. Vaughn and Miller certainly have suggested in the past they want Hamill to be involved. Incidentally, Gary was originally conceived to be portrayed by Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson but his schedule hasn't matched with the shoot. The Secret Service was originally written with a film adaptation in mind and was co-plotted by Vaughn, who also wrote the screenplay with Jane Goldman, his co-writer on previous films Stardust, Kick Ass, and X-Men: First Class. The Secret Service is currently available in comics form and will be published in collected hardback form by Marvel in late May. Currently in pre-production to start shooting in August, The Secret Service is scheduled for release on 14 November 2014. source - coming soon
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